Toejam & Earl III found.

It’s with great pleasure that we report that Toejam & Earl III has been discovered on a Dreamcast Development Unit. The game was scheduled to be released in the final phase of first-party Dreamcast support around Autumn/Winter 2001 but like many other projects (House of the Dead III, Gun Valkyrie, Propeller Arena) the game was never released and development was resumed in late 2001-02 for the Microsoft Xbox.

It would appear that the build found today, unlike the System Shock 2 build found in 2010 is actually quite playable and is estimated to have around 24 playable levels, a main menu and support for two players. The game is unfinished however, the cut scenes are not present and currently the game has not been made to boot on a retail Dreamcast or an emulator (yet).

There are rumours that the Dreamcast build of the game would have contained a system link option as well as a more streamlined game experience to that found on the Xbox released version, only time will tell if we will get to play this on our beloved white box and see just how complete it is, one would hope that Assembler Games would release a pressed disc version much like the Geist Force disc release from 2012.



Toejam & Earl III PAL pack shot 2001

Toejam & Earl III PAL pack shot 2001


2 thoughts on “Toejam & Earl III found.

  1. Trust me, you want Assembler to keep his hands off of this release. Forget a pressed disc, go pay a 3rd party guy to make you a legit looking version. If an Assembler funded pressed version came out, you wouldn’t see this game for the next 2 years or so, similar to the retarded fiasco that happened with Geist Force making us wait as long.

    If you want a legit looking version, this is the place to get them made. (Gary Walton).

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