Leona’s Tricky Adventures due to enter beta testing.

Continuing the busy Dreamcast release schedule trend for 2013 is often forgotten about ‘Leona’s Tricky Adventures’ for both the Dreamcast and Amiga, some of you may remember the game from its failed Kickstarter earlier in the year, as it happens the game is still coming and is due for release in late summer.

From the videos we have seen of the game it certainly looks on the road to completion but, KTX Software are turning to the original backers of the game to become beta-testers for what will become the final retail version, Dreamcast Today just happens to be one of those backers and we hope we can review the beta code for our readers exclusively here on Dreamcast Today 24/7.

There’s still time to help with the creation of the game by following the link below, the game is a charming puzzle adventure not unlike Wind and Water Puzzle Battles released for Dreamcast in 2008.



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