Dreamcast watch makes a comeback in June!



Sometimes being a Dreamcast fan can mean wonderful things, we get games re-released in HD on newer consoles, our humble machine often gets mentioned in discussions about the finest gaming experiences to be had and we even received new games from time to time, but this, has to be the strangest thing yet. In June 2013 the Dreamcast wristwatch gets re-released. Some keen readers may remember this watch from the heyday of 2000-01 and it’s been an allusive item to obtain ever since. Unfortunately for most however, this is still the case as this watch is only limited to one hundred and at time of writing, they are all accounted for. Hopefully this leads the way for other Dreamcast goodies to make their way to retail in future times.

Dreamcast Today would certainly like to obtain one of these watches but given their limited nature, they are destined to fetch a pretty sum in years to come and boost the value of the original units in the process.



3 thoughts on “Dreamcast watch makes a comeback in June!

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