Ghost Blade alpha preview is here! 300 additional Collector’s Editions coming.

Want to see what all the fuss is about with Hucast’s Ghost Blade? Well, you’re in luck! The company has just released the first video of the game in action and dear god, does it look fine. It’s very much styled in the same way as Ikaruga crossed with Under Defeat and is surely one of the best looking games to grace the system in recent memory.

In other Hucast news, going by the recent Facebook poll about the possible production of 200 extra copies of the Collector’s Edition, Hucast can now confirm that these copies will indeed be produced but fear not loyal fans who pre-ordered one of the first 300 as your name will be featured in the booklet and credits of the game to cement your mark on Dreamcast history! If that wasn’t enough, Hucast are also offering those first 300 an artbook as well.

The game is available to order along with Hucast’s previous Dreamcast releases Dux & Dux 1.5 at


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