Elysian Shadows’ Kickstarter gets off to flying start.



Well Dreamcast fan, we’re into August now so this can only mean one thing, Elysian Shadows has launched on Kickstarter! The title is looking for $150,000 of crowd-funding for the team to be able to complete the rest of the work on the game. 

$150,000 may seem like a high amount for a Dreamcast title to be produced, but let’s have a look at the facts – the game isn’t just in development for the 128-bit Sega console, it’s also coming to Android, Windows PC, Mac, iOS, Linux and Ouya, the team have stated that with enough resources, the game will play to the strengths of each key format, naturally, the Dreamcast is the lead. 

For you to net yourself a Dreamcast standard physical release, Dreamcast Today recommends the ‘Resurrection’ package which, if you’re quick enough, at $49 will be signed by the team themselves. For those more interested in limited edition releases, there’s also the ‘Limited Edition’ perk which come with a figurine, soundtrack, Scroll, physical game, art book, comic bundled in a special game-themed ‘chest’, this perk costs $125 but seems worth it for the loot and you’re obviously helping the team further the scope of Elysian Shadows.


The game will be published in Winter 2015 by Watermelon and backers will be allowed to pick the region they’d like the game box art to be, much like the Pier Solar Kickstarter where you could choose the PAL, NTSC or NTSC-J style cases.

At time of writing, the team have hit $33,000 of their $150,000 target, should they hit $250,000, the game will also release for Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U marking another cross-generational release for the Dreamcast to enjoy. Let’s make this possible DC players! 

NG:DEV.Team holding summer sale on Dreamcast titles.


German development house, NG:Dev.Team have today revealed that they are holding a summer sale on all their current Dreamcast inventory. You can now save up to 30% from the original RRP amount, this includes some used Collector’s Edition variants as well.

If you’re yet to purchase the games that the team publish, there’s now no better time. Listed below is the titles included in the sale.


NEO XYX Collector’s Edition WAS 99.00 Eur                 NOW 80 EUR

NEO XYX Limited Edition      WAS 49.00 Eur                 NOW 38 EUR

NEO XYX Regular Edition     WAS 34.00 Eur                NOW 24 EUR


What’s your view on these discounted prices? Are you taking the plunge? The Regular Edition looks worth a go even if you’re unsure whether it’s your thing.



Elysian Shadows being published by Watermelon.


Hot off the heels of the recent Vlog from the team at Elysian Shadows, it’s now been confirmed that Watermelon Games are set to publish the title on the Dreamcast.

The team hinted at this during their last release of Adventures in Game Development and Dreamcast Today didn’t want to spoil it for anybody who hadn’t seen the video at the time.

Watermelon are gaining quite a reputation for high quality retro games across the board and publishing Elysian Shadows gives the game the best exposure it could possibly have outside RedSpotGames or Hucast marketing it.

It’s unclear as of yet any potential release window but we do know the team will be holding a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign in late Summer to help production of the title, it’s safe to assume that the game will follow Watermelon’s packaging design that gives the option for PAL, Japanese or North American art and box parameters – Dreamcast Today personally would be happy to see the PAL box design for Elysian Shadows considering how striking the blue template would contrast the teams current front cover.


You will have to excuse our rather rough mock up of how the game cover could look in PAL style.

2014 is certainly a busy year behind the scenes for the Dreamcast, some could mark 2013-14 the busiest since the console went out of production in 2001.

Elysian Shadows Team Release Latest Chapter of Their Popular VLog.


You could never for one minute accuse the team behind Elysian Shadows of being in the shadows about their development process for the hotly-anticipated Dreamcast and OUYA title. The team have just release chapter 25 of ‘Adventures in Game Development’ which centres around the 3D particle effects that have recently been implemented into the game, additionally, the team go into greater detail in regards to the battle engine, dynamic camera system and platform mechanics.

You can catch the video below, the team are currently working towards a Kickstarter campaign towards the end of Summer 2014. It’s wise that the team are using this time to get the title in the hearts and minds of gamers before the campaign considering word-of-mouth is half the battle won. Dreamcast Today are beginning to wonder if there is now publisher interest in the game or if the team will even publish the game themselves, our money would be on either GSP or Watermelon picking up publishing duties for the title, the later being the more likely due to GSP’s involvement with Hypertension : Harmony of Darkness and Scourge by Isotope and rumoured publishing of Dynamite Dreams by the Alice Dreams team.

Elysian Shadows continues the trend of different genre software for the Dreamcast, in the past 5 years we’ve had mostly shoot-em-ups which is certainly no bad thing if the Dreamcast wants to live up to the legacy of the Saturn when it comes to that particular library of titles, but it’s good to see role-playing and even first person shooters making their way over to the aging 128-bit Sega console.


Hypertension : Harmony of Darkness Being Published by GOAT Store Publishing.


The rumours have been floating around for months regarding which publisher would release Isotope’s duo of Dreamcast titles, Scourge and Hypertension : Harmony of Darkness, Dreamcast Today have known for a little while that GSP were involved with Isotope and had picked up the titles but now that the Midwest Gaming convention has come and gone it’s public knowledge that the company are indeed publishing the games.

A new trailer for Hypertension has been released to the public via Isotope’s website and Facebook page and a tentative release window of late 2014 has been given. The game is looking very impressive and marks a change of pace to the ‘Shumps’ usually released for the machine from Europe.

Both Hypertension and Scourge are being developed in California and the team at Isotope enlisted the help of Andrew Cordon who previous worked on vaporware title Tahi – Arocean War also for Dreamcast. GSP are also located in North America.

You can check out the reveal from the Midwest Gaming Convention below.


Elysian Shadows is beginning to step out of the darkness with new information!


Many Dreamcast fans are no doubt awaiting the hotly-anticipated Pier Solar HD due this year for the Sega Dreamcast, this game was successfully funded for a magnitude of formats via Kickstarter in 2013 but it could be easy to tunnel-vision ourselves into thinking this was the only old-school-inspired RPG title making it’s way to the machine this year; Elysian Shadows has been in development for the 128-bit Sega machine for a good number of years now, gaining a massive underground following in that time from the early days of Dreamcast-Talk to the harsh critique of Reddit, Elysian Shadows development has been one that has grown in substance and maturity along with it’s development team fronted by Falco Girgis, who has recently given some new information as to what we can expect from the game and also an action plan on how the game’s developement cycle is going to be completed.



Falco and his co-artists have been working hard on getting the media together for a Kickstarter for the promising title, they’ve re-modeled the website for the game which now features plenty of information surrounding the technology powering the software, the game mechanics and the story elements that include the combat system, game world and population.

The team also sent over some Dreamcast-specific information which is quoted below :

“Our engine is highly optimized for the DC and can do some really impressive 2D/3D things on the console. We also developed our own Toolkit, which lets you “send your current levels” to the Dreamcast and play through them as you make them…


The engine is fully extensible through Lua, and can be used for any 2D and even 3D application…


A stretch goal of ours is to release this to the DC community and open up our own game and engine to being fully moddable (through loading custom content from swap discs, coder’s cables, BBAs, or the flash drive). We think this could be huge for the Dreamcast.”




Elysian Shadows has the potential to be a real gem of a title and certainly fills the gap for post-2001 Dreamcast RPG’s for the system, the game is also in development for other systems one would assume, these are yet to be discussed but the Dreamcast is certainly the lead format – something that has become increasing rare considering most recent DC releases are designed with other platforms originally in mind.

More as we get it, feel free to head over to the game’s official website for more information.



Sydney Hunter And The Caverns of Death announced for Dreamcast.


Here’s one out of the blue today, Collectorvision have announced that their 8-bit/16-bit platformer is making it’s way to the Dreamcast, the game will release for PC/Steam and also a different version called Sydney Hunter And The Mayan’s Revenge on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

It’s really refreshing that a game like this is making it’s way to the machine considering the Dreamcast is most renowned for Euro-Shooters post 2001.

Details are sketchy at this time in regards to this being a digital release or a physical disc commercial release, let’s hope for the later!

Pictured is the disc art for the NTSC variant, a PAL version box design will also be coming too by all accounts.

Jump ‘n’ Blob Re-Blobed coming to Dreamcast this year.


2D-Retroperspectives, the team behind Jump ‘n’ Blob and the Xbox 360 / Dreamcast release; 2D House of Terror are busy working on two games for the Dreamcast as we speak, hopefully both of these promising titles will be released as commercial releases rather than free downloads like the teams previous work.

Both Saviour and Jump ‘n’ Blob – Reblobed are shaping up to be fantastic titles, the later of which has had a new image released via the official Facebook page of 2D-Retroperspectives. The team have recently also expressed and interest in bringing their games to the Ouya – this marks another system that the Dreamcast can boast cross-releases with.

Follow the team on their Facebook page here : 




Elysian Shadows showing progress.


With so many new Dreamcast projects in the works, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what is happening where. We’ve laid off reporting on Elysian Shadows due to our lack of knowledge of the title. Things however, are looking far clearer today with an update from the team’s Facebook page detailing their movements recently. 

The game is shaping up to be a fantastic old-school RPG title that Dreamcast fans have been yearning for since the consoles ‘demise’ in 2001. 

Elysian Shadows is described as ‘an Indie 2D RPG seeking to fuse elements of the old school 2D RPG classics with modern gameplay, dynamic lighting, physics and music”.

Below is a status report taken from the teams official Facebook, a link of which can be found below.

“Recruited a new web developer to help completely revamp our site and rebrand us, recruited a new core Engine/Lua developer to help offset Falco’s current low-level R&D role, we’re still discussing potential YouTube partnerships, and we are talking with two very good candidates for the iOS and Droid implementations of libGyro… We are also having a gigantic game development extravaganza spanning the entire weekend with a few local fans and some “old” faces showing up for AiGD 22… Please help us spread the word of our project and videos. We are starting the initial phases of growing our audience for an all-out Kickstarter campaign. Please help us make the game of our dreams… We want to deliver to you a true “next-gen” 2D RPG experience, and we are pouring our hearts and souls into this project”


Isotope at Midwest Gaming Classic in April.


This morning Corbin Annis, founder of Isotope took to his Facebook page to confirm that isotope will be at the Midwest Gaming Classic Convention in April of this year. The developer is looking to show off either Scourge or Hypertension or possibly both.

Those unaware of the Midwest Gaming Convention, it’s all all-encompassing electronic gaming trade show featuring arcade games, pinball machines, video game consoles, computers and even new games which is open to the public, it’s not unheard of to see GOAT Store Publishing there too which would tie in with the evidence that GSP are indeed publishing Isotope’s games.

What’s your view, are you looking forward to these promising titles? 

For more information, check out Isotope’s official Facebook page for information on the games and how you can help with the funding process required to complete these titles.